Happy Monday!

It’s Monday again.. We should actually proclaim it as ‘Happy Monday’, to get inspired to start the week again. Let’s just do that and see the start of the week as important as we do think of the end of the week with Fridays. Hopefully you enjoyed the weekend and you can have a fresh start of your week (unless you enjoyed the weekend a bit too much).

If you’re dragging yourself to work, try to think of the positive things that work brings you. We sometimes get stuck on focusing what we don’t like, instead of looking at the glass half full. You really don’t like it? Leave it. There’s something not quite right? Change it. Otherwise, just love it! The positive approach will make it look better in a while (and some more sleep will do to).

So go a little crazy, why don’t you just get that cup of coffee for your colleagues or give them a compliment about their new suit or whatever it was that catched your eye but you somehow didn’t tell them yet. That will bring a positive flow to those cubicles and it will do you some good too, giving people compliments – when they’re sincere ‘though! See Monday as a new start and try to love the things you do.

Have a Happy Monday!





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