I’m Jessica, I’m 27 years old and I’m passionately curious about life | love | family | friends. These four words are all equivalent to me. After graduating from Law School I started working at a corporate bank, and began to think even more about my role in those four words, how I want them to define me and which legacy I want to leave behind. Although I’m very excited to have started that new phase of my life where I can discover, develop and apply certain skills or even talents while pursuing a career, which fulfills me in a great way, I believe there’s another path to follow next to that, where I can evolve another side of me, or as I like to call it: to follow my guts.

I tend to live my life by these verbs and nouns I’ve put together as I see them as my Life Theme, and I like to mix them up as well: “Love Life Pursue Passion Appreciate Others Accept Differences Inspire People See Possibilities Create Opportunities Think Extraordinary Shine Bright Be You!”

On my day off, you can see me shopping | sipping on tea or cappuccino in my favorite coffeehouse | taking photographs | strolling down the quay and through the beautiful city I live in and am madly in love with. I like to sit down somewhere, alone or with a friend, just enjoying the view, reading a book, writing in my notebook or on my laptop. I love to cook, and sometimes come up with reasons to have dinner parties or just bake a cake for my friends and colleagues. I write, dance and sing for my creative outbursts. Occasionally, I take a trip to my family and friends living on different continents of the world or to broaden my horizon and just have some fun! But first and foremost, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones. Talking about big | small | nice things, sharing a view in silence or just being there for them. It’s those BIG small things I find happiness in.

I just love life, and with the good comes the bad, called challenges, which I am learning to embrace. The challenges remind me to never take anything for granted and to appreciate life during the good times even more. And when you’ve reached that state of tranquility, a peace of mind, you just feel pure bliss.

I have wanted to start a blog for some time now, but I kept thinking about what I had to write. Until I stumbled upon a website about personal leadership which I take an interest in and got inspired to do so. Sometimes, it really comes down to those three words: ‘Just do it’. I have come to learn through experience that you have to be proactive and take responsibility for your own life. Don’t watch life pass you by while being in the passenger seat, get in the driver’s seat!

So, in my blog I post ideas surrounding this Theme, sharing my interests and hoping to be of inspiring added value to my readers by just being me, with a positive flow and fun!

My life is my book, and you’ve just witnessed me starting a chapter of it..

‘Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.’




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