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Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm passionately curious. I tend to live my life by these verbs and nouns I've put together, and I like to mix them up as well. I see it as my Life Theme: "Love Life Pursue Passion Appreciate Others Accept Differences Inspire People See Possibilities Create Opportunities Think Extraordinary Shine Bright Be You!" In my blog I post ideas surrounding this theme, sharing my thoughts and to be of inspiring added value to my readers with a positive flow and fun!

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !

Wishing you a happy new year! I hope you’ll (keep on) find(ing) magic, dreams, some good ol’ madness and, above all, love in 2013. I hope you find everything you’re looking for in the new year, and until then, I hope you’ll be happy with what you have. Surprise yourself and let life surprise you! One of my new year’s resolution is to post more on my blog and to keep following my guts. So cheers to that!

Go for that passion, go in the direction of your dreams and make it work!

I’ll write cha in the new year 😉





‘Ik jou ook’

Ik mis je, mis jij mij ook?

Als het even rustig is en mijn gedachten opgaan in rook,

Dan mis ik je stem, je warmte, je lach..

Maar het leven gaat door en dat is wat ik heb gedaan.

Toch laat ik op die momenten van binnen stilletjes een traan.


Weet je nog, bij jou op bed?

Ik wist toen niet dat jij eigenlijk je afscheid had gezegd.

Je zei dat je me miste, ik mis je nog steeds.

En er gaat geen dag voorbij dat ik niet aan je denk

zonder dat ik die woordjes ‘ik jou ook’ en mijn liefde aan je schenk.


Ik mis je, mis jij mij ook?



Changing Tracks

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Why is it that you sometimes need something to wake you up? To make those whispers shout? To get you out of your safety zone, so you can take a leap of faith? The funny thing is, while thinking you were in your safety zone all along, you actually were not. If you’re not where you’re supposed to be, then that can never be your safety zone. You might be ‘in’, but the next time you might be ‘out’. You will never be ‘safe’. Doesn’t that sound ironic to you, too?

SEEING THE LIGHT! I love to think, create, inspire and visualize a concept I passionately believe in. I’ve been visualizing this key I’ve been holding onto for far too long now, and it’s starting to burn a hole in my hand. Hopefully, it won’t leave a permanent mark and it’ll only be easier to soothe its way into the lock of this treasure I value.

SNOOZING-TIME IS OVER! Finding your way on a certain track while you are actually supposed to be on another will never get you to your destiny. And then getting there will evidently take you longer. It slows up the whole freaking journey. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I finally came to the conclusion I was sabotaging myself! Then I went through a minor phase of disbelieve that I was so blindsided by the lights of the approaching train on the wrong tracks I was on. And even just by sitting on those wrong tracks, you’ll get run over and then you’re ‘out’. Luckily, I had this insightful moment. I’m glad I had this epiphany. It suddenly becomes so clear that there’s no more denying about it, you know which path to follow. To follow your guts.

CHANGING TRACKS! So it wasn’t the warning honk of the train I was deafened by, it was just the alarm. And I wasn’t being blinded by the lights of the train, it was a ray of sunshine that was lighting up my face while I was waking up. Then I stopped hitting the snooze-button and woke up to smell the coffee. I’m back, people. Back on track.



Its Own Beautifully Unruly Way

‘Life rarely makes any more sense when things are done ‘in order’. Life makes sense when we are centered in our hearts and we let go of resisting how our unique journey needs to unfold in its own beautifully, unruly way’.

That part gets me every time. The answer to the question about how to do just that, might make us go mad right before we realise it lies in the fact that we have to create ourself instead of finding ourself.

It does sound a bit funny, ‘finding’ ourself. As if we were lost, thinking or feeling we’re out of touch with ourself. Maybe you’ve been running around like crazy trying to keep up with a hectic schedule while keeping your boss and friends happy because you’re such a pleaser. Maybe you’ve been going through a rough time and your body doesn’t seem to get on the right track which keeps you from doing the things you love. Maybe you’ve been shaken up by something a person told you and you don’t know what to think. Maybe you’ve fallen in love or out of love and you don’t recognize yourself anymore. Maybe you’re missing someone so much that you can hear your heart break. Maybe you feel like your life is shifting and you’re losing all control. Maybe you’re feeling depressed and you can’t understand why you’re still feeling that way. Maybe you feel like having a knot in your stomach when you think about all of your questions. Maybe you’re looking for the wrong answers at the wrong places at the wrong time. Maybe you’re just trying too hard to find answers you’re never going to get if you keep on looking for them, just like a dog chasing its tail. Maybe we should just stop thinking and breathe.

Sometimes, all you need is for time to pass by and then it’ll come to you. Of course you’re not lost, you are right there. I see you. I feel you. You’re still in there. So what, it’s not the path you thought you had in mind, it may not be going the way it’s supposed to go or as you had imagined | liked | planned. That’s life in it’s purest! That’s what it’s all about. Don’t let that hold you back from becoming who you are. Yes, it’s a rough pat(c)h sometimes, but it all contributes to your being. It does define you and you have to find the courage to choose how you want it to define you. Experiences make ourselves grow, and sometimes we grow harder than we know. But your bricks have been laying around you all this time, just waiting for you to know how to handle them again so you can continue (re)building and creating your own path again. Because honestly, that’s what we’ve been doing all along although you might not even have known it. Why stop now, right? It’s good to be aware of the new situation, but it’s okay to stop and not think for a while and just breathe. You need time to process things. And while you’re not-thinking, you’re letting go of resisting the fact that you’ve chosen to create your path as of that moment and you’ll get in that place where you can enjoy the simple things in life again. The BIG small things. And that’s where your journey starts to unfold in its own beautifully, unruly way.

‘Live every day as if it’s your last, embracing each experience as if it’s your first.’



Instant Tiramisu

I LOVE Tiramisu. It’s one of my most favorite desserts, next to anything with chocolate, but I am very picky about it and it sometimes takes too much prep-time before I can indulge myself with this Italian delight. I wanted something that would be a quick fix for those instant cravings you get in the supermarket, or for a last-minute dinner party for two (or three or four). Since I’ve already made this Tiramisu for several occasions within three weeks, I decided to put this one up. It’s such an easy recipe and really just food for the soul. I even make myself believe that it’s the ‘healthier’ version. It lifts you up (get it? Tira mi su)!

For this recipe for two you’ll need:

  • 6-8 Bastogne cookies (caramelised and cinnamon flavored cookies)
  • coffee or espresso
  • half a package of Philadelphia light (90 gr) or another brand of cream cheese
  • same amount of Greek yogurt 0% fat
  • Amaretto (or another coffee liquor)
  • cocoa powder
  • grated dark chocolate
  • Chopper

It’s best when you prepare this before starting your dinner, so it can get a nicely, cooled temperature in the refrigerator. It only takes about 5 minutes.

1. Crumble the cookies in the chopper, and crush it. I like it better when it’s not finely crushed, but when it’s still a bit chunky. Put this in a nice glass and press it down.

2. Pour a little (cooled) coffee over this cookie crumble, just enough to have it drenched on top but still dry at the bottom. The crunchy chew and the coffee-drenched cookie will cause for a sizzling taste-bud sensation while you’re staring at your empty spoon again, thinking: is it gone already? *I love this part right here*

3. Mix the Philadelphia and yogurt with a few good (!) shots of Amaretto in the chopper, pour this deliciousness on top of the coffee-cookie crumble and put the glass(es) in the fridge.

4. Now before you serve the Tiramisu, give it a good dusting with cocoa powder and top it off with grated dark chocolate.

This is the recipe for my instant Tiramisu at the moment. I’m still experimenting with adding egg whites to step 3 for more fluffiness. You can also drench the cookies with the coffee and amaretto mixed together, instead of splitting those two ingredients up. As long as the coffee is cooled; that’ll bring out more of the flavour(s). You can also add some more layers and some ingredients to the cookie crumble or Philadelphia-yogurt mix (like fruits, chocolate, rasped coconut or maybe caramelised pecan nuts). Ah well, I could go on and on about how to mix it up, but recipes are just never quite done and it all depends on your mood. Just have some fun with it and follow your gut!

Buon appetito!



Happy Monday!

It’s Monday again.. We should actually proclaim it as ‘Happy Monday’, to get inspired to start the week again. Let’s just do that and see the start of the week as important as we do think of the end of the week with Fridays. Hopefully you enjoyed the weekend and you can have a fresh start of your week (unless you enjoyed the weekend a bit too much).

If you’re dragging yourself to work, try to think of the positive things that work brings you. We sometimes get stuck on focusing what we don’t like, instead of looking at the glass half full. You really don’t like it? Leave it. There’s something not quite right? Change it. Otherwise, just love it! The positive approach will make it look better in a while (and some more sleep will do to).

So go a little crazy, why don’t you just get that cup of coffee for your colleagues or give them a compliment about their new suit or whatever it was that catched your eye but you somehow didn’t tell them yet. That will bring a positive flow to those cubicles and it will do you some good too, giving people compliments – when they’re sincere ‘though! See Monday as a new start and try to love the things you do.

Have a Happy Monday!




Whispers in the air tonight

Ever since I was a little girl, music has been a huge part of my life. I’ve been dancing since I was three or four years old, I’ve played several instruments and I just really enjoy listening to music. It contributes to my mood. Music itself is such a powerful instrument. I even find it healing. If I’m having a rocky day, music can lift me up again. If I’m watching a movie, it’s not really the images that make me feel a certain way but mostly the kind of music that is playing in the background. And sometimes, music can explain the way I feel. I think we can all identify ourselves with music, it’s an universal language. Heck, dances are created to music which people across the world are dancing to in the same language!

With that being said, remember the song ‘In the air tonight’ by Phil Collins? To me it feels like there is actually something coming your way, but you don’t know what. You can’t pinpoint it. It’s just like when you step outside while the birds are whistling to their favorite song, it’s springtime, the sun is shining and the air is a little humid. Then suddenly the wind comes in and the sky turns dark-greenish. You know something will go down, but not exactly what nor when. You just know you have to get out of there, before hell breaks loose. That’s when the drum starts in the song, or if you have seen the movie ‘Twister’ where the cello comes in. *It’s strange how you can make these weird little links. I can imagine they vary per person. This is how my brain sometimes has it’s own way of thinking, hopefully you still understand my point ‘though!*

Well, in the past few days I could feel it coming in the air. My heart was and is still trying to tell me something. It’s whispering. And these whispers turn into shoutings, but I can’t seem to figure out the words. It can even be deafening sometimes, just like the silence afterwards. Then I’m wondering about what it was that had passed me by, or if it was just the calm before the storm. In the speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University – which is one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever read -, he said ‘have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow truly know what you want to become. Everything else is secondary’.

I strongly believe these shoutings are telling me what I want to become and that they will grow louder and louder if I’d neglect them, and by doing so I wouldn’t only be neglecting myself but also withholding myself from anything that could bring me a step closer to more freedom and happiness. For these two, freedom and happiness, are primary united in the heart. It’s clear something’s knocking on my door, asking me to follow my guts and I can hear it coming in the air tonight. So heart, not only am I all yours, I’m all ears.

What are you doing to follow your guts?



P.S. Through my friend M I came across this interesting article on Steve Jobs. It shows that you don’t need to have a diploma in order to be talented. You just have to trust your intuition.