Changing Tracks

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Why is it that you sometimes need something to wake you up? To make those whispers shout? To get you out of your safety zone, so you can take a leap of faith? The funny thing is, while thinking you were in your safety zone all along, you actually were not. If you’re not where you’re supposed to be, then that can never be your safety zone. You might be ‘in’, but the next time you might be ‘out’. You will never be ‘safe’. Doesn’t that sound ironic to you, too?

SEEING THE LIGHT! I love to think, create, inspire and visualize a concept I passionately believe in. I’ve been visualizing this key I’ve been holding onto for far too long now, and it’s starting to burn a hole in my hand. Hopefully, it won’t leave a permanent mark and it’ll only be easier to soothe its way into the lock of this treasure I value.

SNOOZING-TIME IS OVER! Finding your way on a certain track while you are actually supposed to be on another will never get you to your destiny. And then getting there will evidently take you longer. It slows up the whole freaking journey. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I finally came to the conclusion I was sabotaging myself! Then I went through a minor phase of disbelieve that I was so blindsided by the lights of the approaching train on the wrong tracks I was on. And even just by sitting on those wrong tracks, you’ll get run over and then you’re ‘out’. Luckily, I had this insightful moment. I’m glad I had this epiphany. It suddenly becomes so clear that there’s no more denying about it, you know which path to follow. To follow your guts.

CHANGING TRACKS! So it wasn’t the warning honk of the train I was deafened by, it was just the alarm. And I wasn’t being blinded by the lights of the train, it was a ray of sunshine that was lighting up my face while I was waking up. Then I stopped hitting the snooze-button and woke up to smell the coffee. I’m back, people. Back on track.